Ya, so... in high school Kris and I's punk band started losing steam so I recorded this folk album in my bedroom with Kris and some friends who didn't really play music. We called it Walter Mitty and His Makeshift Orchestra. We made a few more bedroom folk albums under that name over the years, linking up with the infamous Milk Flud, followed by the handsome Jake Lee, then the rugged and stoic Russell Park.

Well some of the boys had to move on to more conventional adult lives (can't blame 'em) and I personally felt a little bit at a dead end with our now defined WMAHMO sound. So instead of finding new members and changing the sound of a band who's name somewhat defines their sound... Kris, Russ, and I decided to evolve our band into WALTER ETC. and now I suppose we are in the process of writing the rest of the story...

*Everything purchased from our store is shipped from our basement by myself, Russ, or a good friend who runs the shop while we are on tour*

Feel free to hit us up about anything!


- Walter